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[email protected] 918.366.2272 Welcome to Central Elementary's Spartan Spotlight. My name is Leslie Haynes and I am the Assistant Prinicpal at Central Elemetary. I am a Bixby alumni and also currently live in Bixby. I love the Bixby community and what great family values it instills. I have two children. Gracie is a senior at Bixby High School and Hayden is in 9th grade at the Ninth Grade Center. John, my husband, is a Tulsa fireman. I have lots of family in and out (but close) to the Bixby area. My undergraduate is from Northeastern State University in Elementary Education. I received my graduate graduate from Oklahoma State. My master's degree is specifically in Curriculum and Instruction. I have taught Kindergarten, Third and Fourth.

Leslie Haynes, Assistant Principal, Central Elementary

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