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US Senator Lankford Visits CI, Leaves Lasting Impression

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US Senator Lankford dropped in to visit Central Intermediate on Tuesday while on a break from Washington DC.  He visited Mrs. Moriarty’s 1st hour social studies class where students had been tasked with going home and researching questions they would like to ask him. The students came in prepared and knocked the socks off Senator Lankford with their carefully thought out questions about the Syria bombings, repealing Obama Care, and his thoughts on President Trump. After visiting with the students, Senator Lankford sat down with BPS administration to discuss the state of education in our state and country and seek his insight into decisions that are being made regarding its future.  

After Senator Lankford left Central Intermediate, one student who was unable to talk with him got the opportunity to FaceTime with the Senator and ask him what she had researched.  Taking the time to go above and beyond was not lost on anyone.  Senator Lankford and his wife left a lasting impression on CI students, staff, and BPS administration.  We appreciate the time he took from his hectic schedule to spend part of his day with us.

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US Senator Lankford Visits CI, Leaves Lasting Impression