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STEMulating Science Activity at CI

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Dr. McManus challenged her 5th grade science students to build a spaghetti towers using nothing by 25 grams of mini marshmallows and 50 grams of uncooked spaghetti noodles. The result was a lesson in critical thinking, planning, engineering, and teamwork.  The end result was to build the highest tower that could stand on its own.

The STEM activity was a result of professional development that science teachers across the district took part in at a February Science PLC at Central Elementary. Andrea Sagely, a STEM teacher/coordinator in Broken Arrow, visited with elementary and intermediate science teachers about how to bring more STEM into their classrooms.  Central Intermediate sent several teachers who came back excited and ready to work STEM more into their lessons and expand it to reach all learners.

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STEMulating Science Activity at CI