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Shark Tank Makes a Splash

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Students in Mrs. Richburg’s Shark Tank CIU (Central Intermediate University) class concluded a 4 week enrichment session by presenting their product to the sharks, Mrs. Shaw and Ms. Colvin. Ideas presented by students ranged from a Buddy Card Kit so no one has to eat lunch alone, to stress balls made from balloons and flour or PlayDoh, to a Smart Mouth Challenge which helps students choose their words wisely.  Each day, a new product was selected by the sharks for investment.  The students who won the challenge were Emma Christ and Abbie Price with their Stress Balls, Sienna Ball and Grace Thompson with a Spin N Locker organizer, and Nate Murphy and Carter Kunkel with Stress Balls. Determining factors for getting the investment included creativity, knowledge of the product, marketing strategies, knowledge of cost and profit, and presentation of the product.

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Shark Tank Makes a Splash