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North Elementary Is Named A Model School

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North Elementary is proud to announce, after final evaluation on Thursday, March 15, Great Expectations has designated North Elementary a model school.  This is an achievement caused by much training and hard work by our teachers, students, and staff.  A little bird told me that Mr. Streets also has something to do with it.  The Great Expectation model has many components: a culture of mutual respect being foundational.  North Elementary is working to establish this model in every aspect of our school.

There are two levels of Great Expectation schools.  Step one:  progressing toward the goal of becoming a model school.  Step two:  being named a model school.  At the start of this school year Mr. Streets conveyed to me often that he really wanted North Elementary to become a progressing school before his retirement at the end of this school year.  Well, our teachers, staff, and students gave him a better present.  They decided we didn’t need a year of being a progressing school we would jump over step one and go directly to step two of being a model school.  Congratulations to everyone at North Elementary for this achievement.  Now Mr. Streets can retire in peace.

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North Elementary Is Named A Model School