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Animal Sanctuaries

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Mrs. Leutsch’s 4th graders were inspired by the true story of baby hippo, Owen, and 150 year old tortoise, Mzee, who live together in Haller Park Sanctuary. We decided to have a friendly competition while learning about different ecosystems around the globe. Each group was assigned a different continent (or section of a continent) and spent a week researching the wildlife and habitats available in those spaces. Then we applied our persuasive skills to select adorable, helpless critters for our sanctuaries. The goal- be the group that convinces your peers to “donate” the most pretend money to your cause. The kids spent two weeks designing an aerial view of their sanctuary, building a small diorama of one enclosure, creating a slideshow presentation about their animals, plus creative backstories. Their presentations were astounding and their hard work paid off!

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Animal Sanctuaries