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CI: 4th Grade GE Task Force Visits Central Elementary

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4th graders Gentry Davis, Ella Pettyjohn, Addison Beasley, and Elizabeth Sharp recently visited Central Elementary’s Rise and Shine to deliver a message about the February character trait of Optimism.  The students had spent several hours throughout the month of February brainstorming ideas, writing a skit, and practicing to prepare for the time at CE.  The girls settled on a story of a student who was having problems at home and at school.  The lesson she learned in the skit was that one person can make the difference in your way of thinking and help you turn a sad situation into a positive. 


The GE Task Force was at CE at the invitation of their assistant principal, Mrs. Haynes, who saw the Spartan Spotlight story about the GE Task Force delivering an anti-bullying message to their 4th grade peers during Specials last semester.  Two other groups of 4th graders on the GE Task Force will visit the CE Rise and Shine in March and April to deliver messages of perseverance and cooperation.  The GE Task Force would like to thank Mrs. Haynes and Central Elementary for the invitation.

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CI: 4th Grade GE Task Force Visits Central Elementary