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Lydia Wilson Named BPS Interim Superintendent

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Hello BPS families, staff, and community members,

As I introduce myself to you, allow me to give you some history on my service in education. And hopefully you can begin to trust my commitment to our district – and the people in it! I started as a special education teacher at Bixby High School in 1992, with 5 years of experience under my belt!  I served in that capacity until I worked as the SafeTeam Coordinator (a student prevention and intervention program) here for a couple of years. Then I became an assistant principal for several more years at our high school.  It was approximately 11 years ago that I became a principal. First I served at our 5th & 6th Grade Center (Brassfield, at that time), and then at Central Elementary for almost a decade now!  I have loved every minute of each of these jobs.

As you are aware, our district has gone through some difficult times recently, and that has included some significant changes.  While I am sad for the losses and incidents endured by students, staff, and families – I am also hopeful.  I am hopeful that we are entering a time of healing and hard work that will bring us together.  Our hard work has already included some reassignments (hence this note from your interim superintendent), restructuring, and internal training to ensure we have a strong, safe, productive culture.

Our district is full of fantastic people.  We have students, teachers, support staff, and leaders of all kinds who are willing to work diligently to facilitate our district’s – especially students’ – success.  I am confident that we will continue taking positive steps forward because of it, too.

Part of our forward motion includes the opening of our new Northeast Elementary/Intermediate  4-6th grade building. It’s a beautiful addition to our facilities, and will benefit our students beginning this January. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen, and will allow a little ‘breathing room’ at our northeast campus. Planning meetings continue for our other facility projects, too.

And as always, our structures (PLCs, team meetings, leadership strategy teams, and mentoring) are in place to provide a means to improve student safety, growth, and learning.  So we value shared leadership and teamwork to serve students. As such, we appreciate parent participation & community partnerships in the joint effort to educate our shared “children” – our BPS Spartan students!


Lydia Wilson

Interim Superintendent

[email protected]

(918) 366-2211

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Lydia Wilson Named BPS Interim Superintendent