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Living History

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Citizens of Boston

(aka Mrs. Woods’ History Classes)

  The Tea Shipped by the East India Company is in our harbor! We ask that you favor us with your company at the OLD SOUTH MEETING HOUSE to speak your mind about our difficult situation in Boston. We will step back in time to 1773 and debate the taxes passed by Parliament – specifically, the Tea Act placing a .03 pence tax on tea which will be distributed directly to Loyalist merchants. Loyalists and Patriots alike will express their points of view. Where do you stand on this issue?  Make your voices known!

Does it get any more exciting than this?  US History being brought to life through re-enactment, comradery, and a spirit of the past!  The costumes just accentuate the feeling of authenticity!  Great job Mrs. Woods and BMS students!  Learning at it’s best!

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