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Who let the “DOGS” out at North Elementary?

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Who let the “DOGS” out at North Elementary?  Well we are wondering also.  Most of the dogs seem to still be in their pen.  So far this school year we have had only one WATCH DOG.  We give a great big thanks to Chad Davisson for being our first WATCH DOG this school year.  We are hoping a lot of other dads, grandfathers, and uncles will join Chad and spend a day at North Elementary this year.  While students are used to seeing a lot of moms around the school it is special when they can see dads at school.

What do you do to be a WATCH DOG?  You need to watch an orientation and complete a form for a background check.  What does a WATCH DOG do at North Elementary?  You greet students at drop off; spend some time in your child’s classroom, help in the gym, help in the cafeteria, and help on the playground.  If you are really strong we might even ask you to help move something for us.

What if you can’t spend the entire day at school?  Some dads spend half a day.  Some dads come only for drop off greeting and leave at 8:45 for their job.  All day or part of a day will be appreciated.  So come on dads, what are you waiting on?

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Who let the “DOGS” out at North Elementary?