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Unless you have been stranded on a remote island you will know that funding for education in the state of Oklahoma continues to be a great concern.  Some will try to tell you that the state is spending more on education than ever.  Not true when you compare how much is being spent from state funds per student.  Kind of like having $400 a month to feed your family of four and your sister moves in with you with her twelve kids and she gives you $400 a month.  As a politician might say, “Well you have twice as much money.”  Well as an old man that has been around a few years, I can tell you that an increase in your family from four to seventeen is way more than double the amount of increase in money you received.

That is why the involvement of parents is so important to our school.  Last year Bridge the Gap gave North Elementary a little over $24,000.00.  This year we have already received a little over $6,000.00 from Bridge the Gap.  When we asked parents two years ago to donate paper to our school we received over thirty boxes of paper.  Last but not least is our PTO.  PTO helps us over and over year after year.  We want to thank the citizens of the Bixby community.  When the state is not funding education to meet the standards of the Bixby community…Bixby citizens step up to the plate.  The week before school started a grandfather came by the school and donated $700.00 because as he said, “I know you are not getting enough from the state.”   THANKS!!!   THANKS!!!   THANKS!!!


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