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Little Shop of Physics at CI

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The Little Shop of Science was a student led exploration where Bixby high school students from Mr. Davenport’s AP Physics and Mr. Nguyen’s AP Biology came and set up 14 stations where they explained and demonstrated the scientific principles to the 6th grade students. The stations included:
1.  Chain Fountain – We will have 6 cups with chains that they can work with.
2.  Rotating Plate – My kids love this.  Students can stand on it with a weight in each hand (I use bowling pins – are they too heavy for your students?).  They can spin around.  When they pull the weights in to their bodies, they speed up.  Demonstration of Angular Momentum.
3.  Fire Plunger.  Demonstration of temperature increase with sudden increase in pressure.  Put small piece of cotton in bottom and rapidly push plunger.  It makes the cotton flash.  This is how diesel engines work.
4.  Pressure bottle.  2 liter bottle of water with a float.  When the bottle is squeezed, the float dives due to increase in pressure.
5.  Newton’s Cradle.  My kids can’t keep their hands off this.  It won’t keep anyone’s attention for long but everyone likes to see the balls bounce.
6.  Hair blower and ping pong ball.  Hair blower will keep ping pong ball in its air stream.  We will have a couple ring stands to see if the students can put the ping pong ball through the basket.
7.  Gummy Bear Wave Machine.  My students have made a wave machine out of gummy bears, bbq skewers and duct tape.  Can send pulse waves back and forth down the length of the machine.
8.  Van de Graff Generator.  We will have a big crowd around the Van de Graff generator.  I have aluminum containers that we put on top.  They all fly off one at a time.  What the students will want to do is see their hair stand on end and to shock each other.  They will also want to get in a line and shock you.  I know this from experience.  🙂  
9.  Bicycle wheel.  Another angular momentum demonstration.  It has handles that rotate which makes it hard to turn.
10.  Palm pipes.  Musical scale with pvc pipes cut to the right length.  Students hit one end with their palm and it sounds a note.  (Ms. Askins has a set as well for North Intermediate.)
Mr. Nguyen, Biology
1. Optical demonstration.  Puts objects in water and can read letters that couldn’t see before.
2. Shaving creme and food coloring.  Mix them together and students can do art with it.
3. M&M dissolved in water.  Really cool demonstration.  Colors don’t mix and layers form.  
4. Truth Telling Fish.  “Fish” curl when moistened more on one side than the other.
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Little Shop of Physics at CI